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      Last year for my birthday, we had lunch at Guppy's on the Beach in Indian Rocks, FL. We went there again for lunch on my birthday this year, and the service and food still impress us. The restaurant menu offers a range of items--including a children's menu--and the chef posts the specials for the day online, along with the rest of the menu, which is helpful for people with particular dietary needs who wish to plan ahead:

      Last year, I had the Shrimp Linguini. It has a light sauce that does not cover up the other ingredients. It was delicious. I also had a slice of key lime pie with a dollop of whipped cream. I savored every bite. My husband opted for the fish and chips, and he decided to stick with that meal again this year. Spices sometimes bother him, so he likes to find an item at a restaurant and stick with it. He is fond of fish and chips and says they do it well here.

      I was tempted to have the Shrimp Linguini again, but I also wanted to have a special dessert, since it was my birthday. I did not want to throw out my low-saturated fat eating plan completely, but I do deserve a treat, so I looked for an entrée that I would enjoy and that would balance out the dessert. I also like to have an entrée that contains spices I would not be able to use when cooking for my husband. I chose the Mediterranean Chicken Brochette: marinated char-grilled boneless chicken thighs, jasmine rice; cucumber yogurt sauce, grilled green beans with some grilled corn, and naan bread. The seasoning--perhaps an Indian spice?--was perfect, accenting and not obscuring the flavors. I enjoyed every bite. I'm going to have to try to recreate the naan bread and the cucumber and dill yogurt spread. It would be an excellent dip or spread for those watching saturated fat.

      For dessert, my husband had the Flourless Chocolate Cake with Raspberry sauce--no complaints from him! I had the Caramel Sea Salt Cheesecake served with rum caramel sauce and a dollop of whip cream on top. It was the exquisite dessert I craved. I ordered coffee as well, and their regular coffee is excellent--a rarity for many restaurants.

      The next time we are in Indian Rocks Beach, we will be back for another meal.

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        That sounds absolutely perfect!! Although, I might be tempted to skip the entree and instead have just the two desserts. How to choose between them?? Actually, the chicken combination would be a first choice for me too. Happy Birthday!


          That all sounds delicious, BakerAunt, you have made me hungry!

          Joan Simpson

            Sounds very nice BakerAunt and late Happy Birthday!

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