Site Rules, Procedures and Privacy Policy

Here are the rules for this site:

1. Keep every­thing friendly.

2. Respect your fel­low bak­ers and cooks.

3. Post­ing links to oth­er sites with things that are like­ly to be of inter­est to bak­ers and cooks is fine, as long as it isn’t bla­tant com­mer­cial pro­mo­tion. Spam­mers and those mere­ly pro­mot­ing or boost­ing sites (theirs or oth­ers) will be sum­mar­i­ly blocked with­out notice.

4. Spam and oth­er off-top­ic posts will be removed, and the poster’s account may be removed with­out warning.

5. Don’t vio­late anoth­er site’s copy­rights and respect every­one’s intel­lec­tu­al prop­er­ty. Don’t copy a post, pho­to or oth­er graph­i­cal image or recipe (with instruc­tions) from anoth­er site with­out that site’s per­mis­sion. Post a link to that recipe, that way you pro­mote both this site and the oth­er one.

6. This site uses cook­ies and oth­er track­ing mech­a­nisms, if you do not want to be tracked, do not reg­is­ter for access to this site.

How to get post­ing priv­i­leges on this site:

To get post­ing priv­i­leges on this site after reg­is­ter­ing, send an email to

For addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion, see New Anti-Spam Procedures

Last Update: Feb­ru­ary 24, 2022

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