What are you Baking the Week of January 3, 2021?

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    Skeptic–these are in-between brownies. My experience is that fudgy requires, alas, butter.


    Skeptic, the popcorn looks really good. I may have to try it.

    Violet made unicorn cupcakes from the Duff cookbook. This week she made them with Kate instead of me because I was tired and cranky. When I woke up they were already making them. They were very good except they had too many sprinkles on them. Violet loved the sprinkles but it was too much for me.

    I made more BA crackers. Not sure what else I’ll make this week.


    cwcdesign…hoping the surgery went very well and that it will give you less pain and better eventual use of your hand/arm. Will you have physical therapy?

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    hiSwith and all. the surgery went very well. They numbed the arm and while I can begin to move it, I still have to be careful and it still feels like its “waking up.” he did insert a plate.He indicated when I first saw him, that I might not have to do therapy – we’ll see. The good news is that they were careful about the anesthesia and I am not having lingering effects today.

    Joan Simpson

    Cwcdesign so glad to hear you’re doing well,take care and I pray you have a complete healing.


    cwdesign, glad your surgery is over & that there were no problems with it. I wish you a speedy & complete recovery.


    Great news! I think you’ll be back to baking soon!

    Mike Nolan

    Ease yourself back into things, don’t put too much strain on your repaired wrist. Glad to hear things are going well so far.

Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)
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