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    Mike Nolan

      We had the last of the onion soup (other than what I froze) for lunch, so I just had a small salad for dinner.


        I made Salmon and Couscous with Greek Seasoning for dinner on Saturday, which we had with broccoli.


          We had an orange chicken stir fry for dinner.


            Len, you reminded me that I have a good recipe for salmon loaf. Thanks! I haven't had that since way before the pandemic. I'll make it this week. I don't know why it's been so long since I made it. In fact, it may have been a whole decade since I made it. The last time I had a painter working in the house. I made two salmon loaves while he worked. One for him to take home for he and his wife to bake that night. One for here.


              Italiancook, I'm glad I jogged your memory. My loaf consisted of one can of salmon, I removed as much of the skin and bones as I could, some finely chopped onion, celery and red bell pepper, an egg and some bread crumbs. I was actually going to make salmon patties but after I mixed it, I didn't think it would hold together good enough so I made it a loaf.


                RiversideLen, I also remove the skin, but I don't remove the bones. I crush the bones with my fingers. I do this because that's what my mom did when she made salmon patties. I just Googled to find out if there's any nutritional value to crushing the bones. Apparently they're a good source of calcium.

                I checked my recipe for salmon loaf. I thought of it as salmon loaf, because I bake it in a loaf pan. Recipe calls it salmon casserole and calls for a 1-quart dish.

                In addition to the 1-lb. can of salmon, it calls for celery leaves, parsley, onion, dry mustard and Tabasco, bread (I think it's soaked in milk, but don't recall for certain), and 3/4 cup milk. If I had a red pepper (or any color pepper), I'd add that this week. Sounds good.

              Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)
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