My Week at Chocolate Boot Camp — Day 1

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    Mike Nolan

    Chocolate is something I've dabbled with over the years, covering home made candy (especially sponge candy) with milk chocolate, for example, but I really didn't know anything about working with choco
    [See the full post at: My Week at Chocolate Boot Camp - Day 1]

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    The 7 lbs. dark chocolate looks inviting enough to dive in head first.

    I enjoyed this blog post, Mike. Looking forward to the others. Interesting.


    I wish that I could enlarge the picture so that I could see every detail of the chocolate work. Those look like chocolate skulls, as well as some cute chocolate owls and ghosts. I also wish that I could reach into the computer screen and sample some of those creations!

    Mike Nolan

    I've got a lot more pictures to post, including several closeups of the buffet table. I brought one of the skulls (the smaller white one) home, along with one of the pumpkin candy dishes. My wife has them as her Halloween decorations at her office, everybody says, "Oh, what a nice plastic candy dish!", then they realize it's made of dark chocolate, spray painted with orange cocoa butter.

    I think what you're thinking of as owls are bats. Here's a high-res photo of them:
    bats (Right click on it to get the high-res version.)

    I brought one of the bats home, but sadly the wings broke off in transit. I'm going to see if I can repair it next week when I've got some tempered chocolate to work with. The repairs won't be spray-painted black, though.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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