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      Hi. Didn't you have a recipe for wacky cake? I know there was one on the baking circle and I thought you posted it. I remember making it but now can't find the recipe. I suppose I can google it but would rather have yours (at least I think it was yours). Thanks!

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        Here you go:

        Mike Nolan

          I think that recipe is in the recipes section here under two or three different names, I've heard it called crazy cake, cake-in-the-pan, no-egg cake, etc. The recipe supposedly was developed during world war II when eggs were in short supply.

          One caution I will make on this recipe is don't top it with aluminum foil to store it, the low pH causes it to eat right through the foil. (It may not be all that great on metal pans, too, but we usually do it in a glass 8x8 pan.)


            I've made variations of this a couple of times, its featured in the KAF 200 Anniversary Cookbook. Thats an interesting information about the aluminum foil. I wondered why somethings can't be stored in aluminum foil for a long time.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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