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    With the holiday seasons of Thanksgiving, then Christmas upon us, I wanted to give the address of a favorite site of mine.


    Wisconsin energies has been producing Christmas cookie booklets for a long time, and they have most of them electronically archived at this site. I discovered it because I have one of those booklets that my beloved step-grandmother gave me because she knew how much I love baking. While the newer ones are more commercial, the old ones have some real treasures--and not just cookies but cakes and yeast breads. If you remember a long-ago recipe, this might be a place to search for it. Happy baking!

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    Thank you for the link to a beautifully done cookie cookbook. I see several in it that I would like to try.


    I also send my thanks. I tried to print the cookbook without success. Maybe it'll work tomorrow. I'm pleased that many of the recipes have short ingredient lists. I have to buy real brown sugar -- normally use brown sugar Splenda in all baking -- but I'm brining a turkey breast for Thanksgiving and need real brown sugar for the brine. I will make the Brown Sugar Cookies with the leftover brown sugar. Thanks for thinking of us, BakerAunt, with this link.


    I'm glad that people are enjoying the site. It's a treasure.

    If you click on "select year" in the archive, you will find most of their cook booklets going back to 1932. It would take a long time to go through all of them.


    Last year, when these recipe booklets were mentioned, I enjoyed reading many of the old treasures.

    Date of an Older Cooking Booklet

    Always fun to see what our older cooks had to work with or didn't have.


    S. Wirth--Thank you for finding this thread. 🙂

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    Joan Simpson

    Thanks for the link,will be checking this out later also!

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