Whole Wheat Sourdough Cheese Crackers

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    Hey, if they want more crackers, they will need to find a way to fork over the 10-quart mixer. 🙂


    The response from my wife was “I don’t think that will fit on the counter…” 🙁

    Violet wants to give me a movie theater popcorn popper (which I asked for years ago) and that was also nixed.

    I figured if Violet asked for that first the mixer would seem reasonable.

    And I just received my first 50lb bag of flour. This baking stuff is hard work!


    Tell her that is why it needs its own dedicated cart.

    Mike Nolan

    One of the reasons I bought the stainless steel work table (at Sams) is so that I’d have some dedicated space that I (hopefully) won’t clutter up. It’s on wheels so I can move it out of the way if needed, it also makes cleaning up under it easier. I probably need to get some more light in that area, I’ve got a lamp from Ikea I could assemble and use. Our kitchen is VERY well lit, by design.

    With the wheels on the surface is about 39 inches off the ground, which is actually about the right height for me, our kitchen work surfaces are 33 and 36 inches high (they were sized for my wife, who is much shorter), I wind up bending over more than I should.


    Additional Notes on Recipe:

    I reduced the baking time with the Convection setting of 375F to 5 minutes and 50 seconds, then turn the sheet around for another 5 minutes 50 seconds. It does not seem like much, but that reduced the overly brown edged ones.

    I am now using avocado oil to brush the crackers.


    Thank you for bringing up this thread BakerAunt. I am still learning to navigate this site and could not find it. I made a batch of whole wheat sourdough cheese crackers (WWSDCC?) from a recipe I found on line. It uses a half cup of sharp cheddar per batch. I think the cheese powder might give it a more intense flavor. I also switched from butter to oil and the texture did seem to improve. As for flavor, will have to bake them and see. This time I used sharp cheddar, onion and garlic powder, rosemary and smoked paprika. Right now they are in the freezer waiting to be baked. I will round up the ingredients for your recipe and give them a try. Thanks again.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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