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      The bread rounds didn't come out as great as the first time I made them. My husband decided to grill all 12 rounds at once, instead of in two batches of 6. That meant the grill cover had to stay open a longer period of time to flip each one, so the temp inside the grill dropped a lot more. Cooking only 6 at a time, at a higher temperature, made more prominent grill marks and a more crispy outside. I may also have brushed on less olive oil before baking them.


        Thank you for that information. I will definitely look it up. I discovered today that I have three unopened bags of Semolina flour! Two BRM and one KABC, so I will need to start baking again.

        I haven't been posting as the project has taken way longer (surprise, surprise) than we thought, but the end is in site. After I got back from Massachusetts, I ended up spending a month at my friends' house who couldn't have been more wonderful. I told the contractor I had to have at least one bathroom before May 1st as Will was returning. It's been a bumpy month but all the kitchen cabinets were installed last week and the counter top was templated. It's going to be so great when it's finished. It's been long but really worth it. I was able to put some stuff away in the upper cabinets - I know it will take a while to organize, but at least it's started.

        I baked my first thing in a month (I had made carrot cake scones from KABC for Easter at my friends' house) yesterday for a community gathering - Chewy Chocolate Chip Bars from KABC which I scaled to the crowd sized recipe. It worked really well as we don't have the countertops (using the folding table with the legs still folded on top of the peninsula for the counter) so no small appliances yet. I melted the butter in a large enough pan so I could mix everything in that pan to reduce dirty dishes. I reduced the amount of cooking time - I started at 15 minutes and tested every few minutes - they were done in 26 minutes and were perfect. I used semisweet and white chocolate bit and some salted cashews I had on hand. They were a hit.

      Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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