What are you Baking the Week of April 18, 2021?

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    On Saturday morning, I baked my variation on the KABC Maple Granola recipe.

    Saturday afternoon, I baked my oil-based version of the multigrain crackers from King Arthur’s Whole Grain Baking Book, I have now baked this adaptation twice, and we like the flavor. This time I substituted avocado oil for the canola oil. Both oils work well.

    Saturday evening, I baked Cranberry Orange Rolls, a recipe from KABC. I have baked it before, once using a purchased filling and another time using canned blueberry pie filling, but the recipe now includes a recipe for making your own cranberry orange filling, and I had some nice oranges and some frozen cranberries. My changes are to replace the orange juice in the rolls with water, and the water with buttermilk, use half whole wheat flour, reduce the salt by ¼ tsp., omit the Fiori di Sicilia, and use a scant 3 Tbs. olive oil in place of the butter. My dough needed an additional 2 Tbs. water. I made these as 9 rolls in a ceramic baker, but the recipe includes directions for making six large ones in the “hamburger bun” pan that USA makes and KABC sells. I have had acidic fruit react with USA pan’s coating, however, so I used the ceramic baker. Otherwise, I would have shaped the rolls and refrigerated them overnight to bake in the morning. However, I did not want to try that with the ceramic baker, and I also was unsure if the filling would stay in place overnight. I will frost them tomorrow for breakfast. I’ll use orange juice in that icing but will replace the Fiori di Sicilia with vanilla.

    Mike Nolan

    At dinner last night, we got to talking about the rye project, and specifically Boston Brown Bread.

    I hadn’t really looked at Ginsberg’s recipe, he doesn’t put the loaf in a pot to steam, but he does have you seal it in the pan with foil and bake it at 200 degrees for 3 hours. I’ve made Boston Brown Bread twice, the biggest challenge was figuring out how to steam it.

    This may be the next Ginsberg recipe I try, Boston Brown Bread and Boston Baked Beans for supper tomorrow sounds good to me.


    A note on KABC’s Cranberry Orange Rolls: I was unimpressed with their cranberry orange filling. It’s rather blah–which is hard to achieve with cranberries. I will not make the filling again. As for the rolls, I have used the roll recipe before, once or twice with blueberry pie filling, and so I do like it. I thought it came out rather dry this time, and the baking time of 25 minutes-35 minutes was too long–and I took them out at 25 minutes. I will probably add an egg to the dough next time I use it.

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