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    Mike Nolan

      "Hello, my name is Jeff, I'll be your server today." "Hi, Jeff.  My wife has an allergy to garlic, can you tell me what's safe for her to eat?" "Gee,
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        I'm not sure if I am responding to the garlic article but I found it fascinating and will try your marinara sauce Mike. My father in law was Sicilian (both his parents grew up near Palermo, my husband's last name) and he was not a fan of garlic. I'll have to ask my husband if his dad or grandfather used garlic in the sauce.
        And thank you for the info on the allergy. I assumed it brought on hives but having your gut stop is not a good thing!

        Joan Simpson

          Thanks for accepting me to your site Mike,glad to be a part of this baking circle!Joan~Ga girl


            I seem to be technologically ignorant, so I don't know if this comment will post. I haven't been able to figure out how to make a new post on the General Discussion forum. I'm a new member. Not Italian. Whenever I entertain, I cook only Italian food. I prefer to cook Italian for the family. I have three excellent Italian cookbooks written by Italians living in the U.S. Garlic is used in some recipes. Sometimes only a hint of garlic, when a clove is browned in olive oil then removed. I certainly understand how having garlic intolerance would be a problem in our society. I'm amazed, Mike, that you folks have found any Italian foods in the U.S. without garlic.


              I am not allergic to garlic but I feel that most recipes over do the garlic. I automatically reduce it by 1/2 when I make it. I don't want to taste my meal all night long or have massive indigestion. I think most restaurants over use garlic. A hint is great but if garlic is all you can taste it takes away from the whole dining experience. It is one of my pet peeves. I am happy to hear that I am not alone in my garlic dislike.


                So sorry for your wife's allergy and the difficult times to find a place to dine that doesn't include garlic. Personally, I don't know what I would do if I had that allergy (well, I guess I would have to stop eating it) I love garlic and use it all the time. So far I've not had any issues with it but my husband doesn't tolerate it as well and usually pushes it to the side or puts it on my plate. Thank you for posting your story, very informative.

                Mike Nolan

                  My wife says I should have written a section on what happens when I take her, her best friend, our daughter-in-law and another couple out to dinner.

                  My wife is allergic to garlic
                  Her best friend is allergic to olives and olive oil (and carries an epi pen)
                  Our daugher-in-law has a wheat allergy
                  The other couple have a wheat allergy, and are also dairy free.

                  That's enough to drive any waiter crazy!

                  The last time I had them all over for dinner, I had to make several items multiple ways, including two kinds of Hollandaise sauce, two kinds of pasta (one gluten-free), two kinds of bread (one gluten-free), etc. My wife made 3 different desserts.

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