Bob’s Red Mill is closing their online store!


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    Mike Nolan

    I don't know when King Arthur became an ESOP, but they definitely cater more to the "I don't want to bake from scratch" crowd than to serious bakers these days. I don't think I've ordered anything from them for well over a year now, and I'm not in a hurry to do so. Their special dry milk is the only thing I haven't found a replacement for from someone else, one that is often superior to theirs.


    I was looking up a few things on Amazon and one I was curious about was BRM cornstarch - I prefer to use Non-GMO, but I did buy Argo at Harris Teeter - did not want to buy the store brand. Amazon appears to have just about all their line, including rolled oats, steel cut oats and both whole wheat and WW pastry flour. They also have cornstarch. I have no idea about how the prices compare.

    HT is carrying more BRM products, but they break them up according to different uses - flours & such in Baking, Oats in Breakfast and grains in the Rice/International area - so it takes a while to find them.

    I also saw KABC espresso powder in the Baking section yesterday.


    Bob's keep sending me emails proclaiming how it is now easier to get their products. They include a "store finder." Of course, no one store has all the products, and they cost more. The marketing spin seems to be that they are supporting local stores and making it easier for us. I'm surprised that BRM did not also present a bridge for sale....


    I unsubscribed from Bobs. At this point I'm looking for substitutes. It's really disappointing. And Whole Foods (I know that's not an option for everyone here) is upping their store brands for some of the main things I bought from Bobs and their store brand is usually pretty good and less expensive.

    Mike Nolan

    Our Whole Foods is on the other side of town, we don't get that way very often and I probably haven't been inside the Whole Foods yet this year. We've got an Aldi's and a Trader Joe's nearby, as well as two big grocery stores. Of the two, I actually prefer the Aldi's.

    We've also got a Natural Grocers across town, that's where I get my BRM pastry flour, under $6 for 5 pounds, so a lot cheaper than King Arthur. KA has raised their 'free shipping' point to $99. I've still got some of their baker's special powdered milk, that's the only thing I haven't found a different source for yet.

    I've been to that end of town a few times lately, once just to check out the Chicago hot dog place. Been back there twice, for mall food the dogs are reasonable versions of a Chicago dog, but they were out of Italian Beef on my two return trips. That place needs to get its stuff together, they're losing business big time. They're the 2nd store in a new mini-chain, the concept is OK if they get their supplier issues fixed.

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