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      I made applesauce last week using some of the seconds that I bought at our favorite orchard. To my surprise, it was not as tasty as usual, although still good. My husband and I decided it tasted like "baby applesauce," just verging on the bland.

      The apples were in a bag which says it is a mix of Sweet Emma, McIntosh, and Ida Red. I have used Ida Red before and been pleased with it; my other bag of seconds is all Ida Reds. I think the bag I was using maybe has fewer Ida Reds. Is anyone familiar with Sweet Emma or McIntosh in applesauce? I seem to recall that the McIntosh do not have much flavor.

      For my next batch, I will use three pounds from the Ida Red bag and two pounds from the mixed bag and see if that makes a difference.

      The husband and wife who own the orchard have never steered me wrong on apples for applesauce, but unfortunately, they were not present, and I am not sure that the person overseeing the sales is as knowledgeable.

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      Mike Nolan

        I can't find much on Sweet Emma, other than it being a Fuji-like apple.


          Never seen Sweet Emmas but if I did I would buy them because I have a lovely niece named Emma. She is definitely sweet.

          I've been using honey crisps because they are on sale and are actually pretty inexpensive for now.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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