What are you Baking the Week of June 26, 2022?

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    On Saturday, I baked my versions of the Soft Oatmeal Raisin Cookies No Butter (double recipe) from Jenny Can Cook and Ellen's (Moomie's) Buns as twelve rolls.

    Mike Nolan

    As soon as I get some energy after 2 hours of shopping, I'm going to make banana nut muffins. I need to make semolina bread, too, but I think I'll wait, though another hot spell is starting, so it might wind up being a late evening bake.

    I'm planning a cherry pie for the 4th of July (seems kind of traditional), I've got cherries defrosting and I'll probably make the pie dough some time today.

    Joan Simpson

    I baked Moomie's hamburger buns today and they were excellent.I had 8 nice size buns and it held up good for a cheese burger that we had for supper.My husband ate his on light bread so I have 7 buns left for me.Now I wish I had only made 3 or 4 and made a small pan of cinnamon rolls with half the dough.


    Joan--Your husband does not know what he is missing!

    At least the buns freeze well.


    I made burger buns, but I decided instead of using Ellen's recipe as I always do, that I would try the potato bun recipe from KABC. I made 12 buns, although the amount of dough was less than Ellen's recipe. I was hoping the would spread while rising, to make a larger but flatter bun. That didn't happen - they are a little smaller in diameter, but rose up high. The texture and taste is fine.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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