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      FAQ Bakingcircle Commandments
      Submitted by faq on September 08, 2007 at 3:27 pm

      BakingCircle Commandments

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      This was posted in early 2003 by the King Arthur staff. They are good rules to play by, and following them will help you to fit in and make the Baking Circle more enjoyable for all.

      Dear Members:

      We've heard through numerous channels (and have observed) that a negative undertone has crept onto some of the Baking Circle threads of late. We provide the Baking Circle as a gathering place and information exchange at no cost. We do not have the resources to monitor or moderate it. You, the members, must take ownership of this forum and ensure its long-term survival. In addition to the Golden Rule, we would like to introduce the following "Baking Circle Commandments" -some more specific rules we expect to be followed while gathered here. These rules (and any updates to them) will be visible from a new "Baking Circle Commandments" link soon to appear in the navigation bar above.

      1) No name-calling, ever. This includes indirect references to "those people,” "certain people,” or any other moniker used to put down a person or group. Name-calling, even of the “anonymous” sort, breeds hurt and mistrust and will not be tolerated here.

      2) No mean-spiritedness or rudeness. The anonymity of a message board sometimes enables people to say things they'd never, ever say in person. So here’s the standard: if you wouldn't say it in person, with other people present to see and hear you, then don't say it here.

      3) Give other members the benefit of the doubt. Before coming to the conclusion that another member has broken rules #1 or #2, ask yourself if there might be other ways to interpret the message. Written communication is far more vulnerable to misinterpretation because no facial expressions, tone of voice, or body language are included. Sometimes we type too fast. Sometimes we just don't write clearly.

      4) If you encounter a comment you find offensive for whatever reason, ignore it. We do this all the time in "real life" because we know that no response will help things. If you feel the comment warrants attention from us, e-mail us in the help section.

      5) If you disagree on facts, then stick to the facts and disagree in an agreeable way.

      6) Enter the Baking Circle in a spirit of joy, generosity, and openness. You are responsible for creating the environment you want to experience on the Baking Circle.

      7) Finally, enjoy your time here; that’s what the Baking Circle is all about. If you aren’t enjoying yourself, log off and try again later.


      -Joe Caron & Thomas Sweet
      King Arthur Flour Company

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