Apple Pie Filling

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    Mike Nolan

    This is basically the recipe I learned at SFBI pastry school.

    Apples: 100% I prefer a good cooking apple like Winesap or Jonagold.
    Sugar: 20%
    Salt: 0.15%
    Cinnamon: 0.15% (but I usually increase it by about a third)
    Nutmeg: 0.05%

    Cook the apples until they’re soft enough to bend then strain off the juice.

    Boil the juice then stir in a cornstarch slurry (2.4%), cook it for about a minute, then pour it over the apples. Add lemon juice (1.46%)

    For my latest batch I peeled, cored and sliced enough apples to fill my 16 quart pot about 2/3 full, about 4.6 kg after peeling and coring, enough for 4 pies plus some extra. I could probably have gotten 5 pies from this batch but my wife likes the filling all by itself, and so do I. It also goes good with cookies, like Pepperidge Farms Bordeaux.

    Cool filling before using it. It freezes well.

    I use 1100-1200 grams of filling for a 9″ pie. Put a few small pieces of butter on top of the filling before putting the top crust on, brush the top crust with egg wash and sprinkle with sparkling sugar. Cut some vents.

    I start it on a convection cycle at 385 degrees for 20 minutes, then switch to regular oven mode and drop the temperature to 350. It usually takes another 25 minutes or so. There should be filling bubbling through the vents and the crust should be nicely browned. I recommend putting a larger pan underneath to catch spills.

    I’ve also used this filling for Irish Apple Cake.

    The pie below used my pie dough table (Pie Dough Chart) to determine the amount of pie dough, the lower crust was 255 grams and the upper crust was 175 grams.


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