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      I enjoyed reading this article on Eater about influencers pushing kitchen "organization" as an aesthetic goal:

      You know people are not cooking when they are buying all that junk food and dumping it into containers!

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        I have spices from the coop in plastic bags, in little tiny 4 oz mason jars, in original containers, in plastic bags in broken tupperware. Most of these are in the freezer. Frozen dried sage doesn't grow mold. Also frozen spices last longer and don't get insect infestation
        Most of my flour is in the freezer, in alas plastic bags. A bag of flour takes up less space half full while a rigid container still takes up as much space half full or half empty. Flour in the freezer doesn't get rancid or grow weevils.
        The advantage of mason jars, half gallon, quart, pint and half pint is that they are leak proof, rodent proof and insect proof. The tops are reusable and interchangeable which can't be said of reusing old glas jars. I keep pasta and beans and sugar and almost everything else in mason jars.


          I keep my various beans in glass jars. We used to buy honey in jars with rubber rings and metal clasps. Those are the majority of my storage containers. I also keep various pastas in some of the glass jars. It helps me to be able to see them, and I like how they look on the shelf my husband built for me.

          I do like containers for flours and sugar and grains. However, it is not an aesthetic choice for me but a pragmatic one. Until I open a bag of flour, it gets stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

          I shake my head when I see some of those pantry pictures!


            Marketing people are trying to sell you a product. Whether it has a down side or not it is not their job to tell you. They work for the corporation whose only goal is to make $$. So buyer always be aware.

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