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      Eater had an article about a show, Kitchen Glow-Up, that it says focuses on the functionality of kitchens:


      I cannot tell from the article how useful the show's advice might be. I have not gotten into the streaming stuff, so I have not watched, but I wondered if anyone else has seen it.

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      Mike Nolan

        Haven't heard of it. I will say that I've read far too many articles on kitchen design that were full of terrible advice.

        Commercial kitchens and home kitchens seldom share design characteristics for both practical and aesthetic reasons, and I'm trying to remember who the chef was, but he was able to help design the kitchen layout for a newly built restaurant, and he did some things that are seldom done. One of them was he put the area where dirty dishes are taken when bussing tables just inside the door to the kitchen. I've been in my share of commercial kitchens, the dirty dish area is often towards the back of the kitchen, requiring the staff to walk back and forth across the kitchen with each load of dirty dishes.

        IMHO one of the worst trends ever in commercial kitchen design was the 'open kitchen' concept, where the 'pass' is little more than a half-wall or counter and you can see and hear what's going on in the kitchen. This is part of what contributes to restaurants being so noisy that people have to shout at each other while sitting across from each other. (And I don't want to hear the staff swearing at each other, either, even if it is in Spanish.)

        Joan Simpson

          I agree with you Mike on the loud noise in a restaurant. I've not heard of this show.

          Mike Nolan

            As far as I can tell, this show is only available on Philo and Sling, neither of which we have.

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