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    Mike Nolan

    According to Akismet, the WordPress anti-spam package I use, there have been over 1000 spams blocked on this site in the last month and a half. That's more than I saw in the first 10 1/2 months that this site was up. (Can you believe MNK is a year old already? Happy Birthday!)

    Clearly, the anti-spam measures I've been taking are less effective than I would like.

    So, I'm trying something new that will affect new subscribers, but not people who have already subscribed and posted to the Forums.

    This shouldn't affect the active posters here, but it may affect someone who subscribed in the last year but who hasn't posted yet.

    The good news is, if this works I should be able to cut back on which functions of MNK require passing the re-captcha test.

    I'm still working on phase 2 of this new approach, until then I'll be reviewing new subscribers manually. If anyone has trouble posting, drop me an email: nolan at tssi dot com.
    Mike Nolan

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