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      Fred seems to want to make the point that even though you and Diane brought him to the house, he will be the one who decides if he will grace you with his presence. In other words, he wants it to be his idea.

      Mike Nolan

        We have a food bowl outside, but the foxes emptied it overnight, as usual, so Diane went to put some more out this morning and when Jack heard the sound of food hitting the bowl, he came running and has been inside all day except for a brief trip outside while I was out cooking on the grill. He was out on the deck, not sure how long he'd been out there, I tried reviewing the back patio camera but didn't spot when he went out there. I did see the foxes up on the patio heading down towards the deck several times overnight.

        I'm OK with his going outside at night, I think he'll show up in the morning, if we're up to see him. (My wife's sister said he showed up at their place around 6:30 AM, but during the summer we're usually not up that early.) We'll see what happens in less pleasant weather.

        We left the door open to the kitchen today, he's wandered through it a few times but so far hasn't tried to jump up on the counter. There's not much he'd eat that's out, anyway. (When I was young, we had a female cat that would eat through the plastic wrap on an angel food cake to get to the cake, and could get the cake holder open, too.)

        Mike Nolan

          Jack has been coming in during the day and going out around sundown, but there have been three times when I've let him back in for a while after midnight because a fox was barking loudly at him. He'll go back out again after a half-hour or so.

          Last night I let Jack in and the fox was pretty much right behind him heading towards the back door, so I yelled at the fox and he turned around and ran away.

          I'm hoping this doesn't become a nightly occurrence, as I'm still not sure we can trust the cat indoors overnight after we've gone to bed. It may be that the fox is just protecting the young ones, in which case that may change when they go out on their own. But even when we didn't have a cat that went outside sometimes the fox would stand on the patio and bark.

          Here he is on one of his favorite napping places, the treadmill.

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