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      I received an email from King Arthur today introducing "Merlin," which appears to be an AI to answer food questions. I wonder if that means they will cut down their helpline people.

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      Mike Nolan

        It's been years since I called the KA hotline, but the last few times I did, AI might have given a better answer. Used to be when you talked to someone on the hotline, you had some confidence that she actually baked a lot and had experience with recently posted recipes.

        Discourse, the platform I'm using for two other online forums I run and another I help manage, has an AI tool, I haven't looked to see if WordPress has one, as I'm not sure what we'd use it for. If it offered a better way to search the archives, that might be useful, but I'm not sure I trust an AI engine to help bake a loaf of bread yet. (Though recently I saw an AI-generated article on yeast additives that was pretty impressive, though I was still assuming that it was accurate.)

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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