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    Mike Nolan

      Here's the pie crust formula we learned at SFBI, I've made one small change, increasing the amount of sugar in it a little for sweet pies. For a savory pie, use 5% sugar:

      Pastry Flour 100%
      Butter 70%
      Water 30%
      Sugar 7%
      Salt 2%

      Total 209%

      To figure out how much pie dough you need to make, use with the size pan and type of pie you're making.

      Let's assume you want 307 grams of pie dough (what I would use for an upper and lower crust in a 9" pie shell with minimal fluting.) The lower pie crust is 11 1/4 inches or 183 grams, the upper crust is 9 1/4 inches or 124 grams.

      Divide 307 by 2.09 to get 146.9 grams of flour, which is 100%. So the butter is 70% of 146.9 or 102.8 grams, the water is 30% of 146.9 or 44.1 grams, the sugar is 7% of 146.9 or 10.3 grams and the salt is 2% of 146.9 or 2.9 grams. I use a small scale that measures in tenths of a gram for anything under about 30 grams.

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